County Corporate Compliance Hotline


Open lines of communication between the Compliance Officer and every employee and agent subject to this Plan are essential to the success of our Compliance Program. Every employee has an obligation to refuse to participate in any wrongful course of action and to report the actions according to the procedure listed below.

Reporting Procedure

If an employee, contractor, or agent witnesses, learns of, or is asked to participate in any activities that are potentially in violation of this Compliance Plan, he or she should contact the Compliance Officer, his or her immediate supervisor, or the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Reports may be made by calling 1-877-654-2856, a telephone line dedicated for the purpose of receiving such notification, by mailing information to Ronald Caponera, Columbia County Corporate Compliance Officer, 401 State Street, Hudson, NY 12534, or in person.

Upon receipt of a question or concern, any supervisor, officer, or director shall document the issue at hand and report to the Compliance Officer. Any questions or concerns relating to potential non-compliance by the Compliance Officer should be reported immediately to the County Attorney’s office.

The Compliance Officer or designee shall record the information necessary to conduct an appropriate investigation of all complaints. If the employee was seeking information concerning the Code of Ethics or its application, the Compliance Officer or designee shall record the facts of the call and the nature of the information sought and respond as appropriate. The County shall, as much as is possible, protect the anonymity of the employee or contractor who reports any complaint or question.


The identity of reporters will be safeguarded to the fullest extent possible and will be protected against retribution. Report of any suspected violation of this Plan by following the above shall not result in any retribution. Any threat of reprisal against a person who acts in good faith pursuant to his or her responsibilities under the Plan is acting against the County’s compliance policy. Discipline, up to and including termination will result if such reprisal is proven.